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ACCA SBL Exam is tested on Two Specific Areas – 

  1. Technical Knowledge of All the Syllabus Areas 
  2. Demonstration of Professional Skills and General Professionalism in writing the Exam.

ACCA SBL Exam is for 100 Marks having a duration of four hours. Out of 100 marks, 80 marks are for technical syllabus area knowledge (what you write) and 20 marks are for professional skills (how you write your exam). 

Examiner Expects students to write the exam wearing the hat of the role being given in the question and provide responses in an utmost professional manner to every situation given in the case. General professionalism is mentioned in various Examiner Reports issues by ACCA which Students need to ensure while writing the Exam. In addition, the ACCA SBL Exam Syllabus specifically talks about 5 Professional Skills. Each of these professional skills is asked in various questions you will see in the Exam. Writing your solution and ensuring the demonstration of needed professional skill in the question is key to clearing the Exam. Join live sessions as much as possible for updates.

5 Professional Skills in ACCA SBL Exams – 

1. Communications – Students should:

  • Inform  
  • Persuade  
  • Clarify 

Students need to express themselves in a clear and convincing way following the right formats (as needed in question) and ensure that they understand the audience and their needs.

2. Commercial acumen – Students should:

  • Demonstrate awareness  
  • Use judgement  
  • Show insight 

Students to show general and specific awareness of the organization, its internal and external factors and the industry at large. Always apply your sound judgement and commercial insight to suggest the right solution.

3. Analysis – Students should:

  • Investigate  
  • Enquire  
  • Consider 

It means going beyond the obvious, Student needs to ensure detailed research and study of information from different sources (i.e. exhibits) and consider them all before proposing any action. Considering All the information and not missing any relatable facts is going to be the game.

4. Scepticism – Students should:

  • Probe  
  • Question  
  • Challenge 

Having a questioning mind is key for any Leader and students need to demonstrate this questioning mindset. You would need to probe, question and challenge information and views provided to you, and then respond to them very professionally. 

5. Evaluation – Students should:

  • Assess  
  • Estimate  
  • Appraise 

Many of the questions in the ACCA SBL Exam will want students to evaluate. You would need to assess the facts, figures and all the related details and adopt a balanced approach to evaluate all the data points and then provide your recommendation. You should check out us on youtube.

Understanding all these Professional Skills is key to clearing ACCA SBL Exam. Demonstration of respective professional skill needed by the question in the ask of the Examiner and Every student needs to ensure the same.

We at FinTram Global offer detailed lectures on all the Professional Skills in addition to Industry-oriented Sessions on ACCA SBL Syllabus Areas. In our ACCA SBL Revision Boot Camp the faculty covers all the Professional Skills and their practical application to the given case, Company, and industry to help students understand how to ensure the demonstration of each professional skill.

We have also solved various concepts, comprehensive, Exam Standard and past examination questions, giving our students various tips and tricks needed on each Professional skill to clear this Exam in the best possible way. While we do all of this, we ensure detailed training for managing your time for reading, writing and overall management of Exams in a Computer-Based Environment.

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