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When it comes to learning, revision is a really important element that should be included as part of your preparation for obvious reasons. You may learn different topics or concepts through reading different kinds of books or from attending different lectures. However, in order to memorize these topics or concepts in your brain, you will have to revise these topics on a continuous basis and attend ACCA revision course as well.

When learning ACCA, it is really crucial to cover 100% of the syllabus in order to ace the exams. However, how can we ensure that we learn things in depth? How can we ensure ourselves that we will be able to remember everything that at the time of the exam?

This is where Revision plays a key role.


The main benefits of revising concepts would be that:

  • Revision helps recall the details of the topic you have studied.
  • Revising the topics helps ACCA students gain more confidence to attempt any related question in the ACCA exam.
  • Timely revision helps reduce the anxiety and stress levels a student is likely to have during the exams.
  • Revision makes students well-prepared for the examinations. It complements their efforts of studying.
  • Revision helps students gauge their strengths and knowledge in a particular subject.

Other than these generic points, one of the most important benefits that an ACCA student will have after attending a revision course would be that it will enable them to focus more on the right elements. After learning the syllabus and practicing questions, the ACCA students will be able to identify the crucial topics/concepts which he/she struggles with. Once the students identify their weak spots, they can work on improving their knowledge in those areas and then tackle any questions relating to that concept in the exam.

It also enables more efficient learning as the students will be able to identify if they have missed out on any important areas within the syllabus when they attend the revision courses.

if they face any challenge in grasping any concepts, they would also receive the faculty’s assistance to make these concepts easier.

Revision courses are designed by expert faculties in such a way that they enable the student to refresh their memory regarding the key examinable areas that can be tested in the exam.

Furthermore, it also gives them an idea regarding the exam techniques that they can use as well as increase their confidence in what they have learnt. It is where they provide their exam tips and tricks that the students can adopt in the exam so that they can pass with flying colours.

Why Fintram Global?

At FinTram Global, we provide revision courses through our Revision Bootcamp for the various ACCA subjects. This boot camp includes the revision of the key examinable areas that can be tested in the ACCA exam for the particular subject of your choice as well as the exam standard and past paper questions which enables the student to learn how to apply their knowledge to the exam questions.

Therefore, attend these courses to take that final step to become fully prepared for your upcoming ACCA exam.

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