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Four Myths Of ACCA

Are you thinking of doing ACCA, But confused with the Myths…

Based on our experience and knowledge, We have attempted 4 of those myths that stop students from pursuing ACCA.

Read on to discover the facts!

Myth 1: You can start your ACCA journey after Graduation


This statement is false. You can begin your ACCA journey after 10 Grade. The sooner you start earlier when you complete your journey, some of the students complete their ACCA at the age of 19-20. So what you are waiting for, Go and start your ACCA journey now!!

Myth 2: ACCA is a very Costly Course


Compared with other professional courses, ACCA cost is almost the same as others. ACCA is a globally recognized course because of which it opened international avenue in more than 180 countries, which itself adds a Big value.

Myth 3: ACCA doesn’t have a job opportunity in India.


ACCA is a globally recognized qualification. There are multiple ACCA career opportunities available worldwide. Students can apply for jobs in India and overseas as well. For this, we will say Google – ACCA Job Opportunities in India. You will find there are many major MNCs in India plus the Big Fours (like KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, EY and more) who are hiring. ACCA also provides end-to-end knowledge on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), which offer a lot of job opportunities not only worldwide but also in India.

Myth 4: ACCA is an easy Course


Like, other professional courses, ACCA also has a difficulty level. But the Course is designed in a way where the student has to hold their exams quarterly, which form ACCA a Manageable and Flexible Course. But if you say ACCA is easy, No, it is not easy Students have to do the same hard work you have done in another Courses.

We hope this resolves all your myths regarding ACCA and you are now more geared up for starting your ACCA journey.

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