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Reason why should pursue US CPA

CPA stands for a certified public accountant, it is a designation given to those professionals who are qualified accountants. You can become a US CPA right here in India, and the reasons why you should pursue it are as follows:

1. You can secure Jobs paying a high salary package

Whether you are working in US, UAE or India you can expect a good salary package if you are a qualified CPA. The professionals in this profession enjoy great salary packages as the companies know their value and expertise. In India as a CPA fresher your starting salary could be from 6-7 lakhs p.a it could be even more depending on which city or location you are working.  As you can experience your salary would also increase and you can expect attractive remuneration packages.

2. Job security

You are in a profession which is vital, so you don’t have to worry about not getting job opportunities. This is a crucial profession hence your job is secured.

CPAs have been around for years and this profession is here to stay even if there are technology advancements. Since humans have the analytical skills which are required for decision-making.

3. Esteemed Profession

It is an esteemed profession as it is built around ethics and integrity. Companies rely on CPAs with their confidential information. CPAs handle large amounts of financial data and transactions. CPAs provide analysis of that data and even offer financial advice. It is a valued profession around the world.

4. Continuous Learning

Rules and regulations in the field of accounting, tax and finance are continuously changing. Hence, accountants have to keep up with the new trends or regulations. Their learning never stops and they are continuously learning new things and keeping their knowledge up to date.

5. Job satisfaction

As a CPA you can work in any industry that you wish to, and you are making very important decisions for companies. You will be making strategic decisions at your position, which will enhance your job satisfaction. There are many other reasons why one should pursue CPA, we discussed a few important ones above. Now it’s your decision whether you want to be in a profession which is respected globally, offers a great salary and job security or not. This decision can change your life and career, if you want to pursue CPA US from India you can do so by choosing Fintram Global in association with Becker. They offer CPA coaching in the most efficient manner.

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