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Which Degree is the best with ACCA – B.com, M.com, or BBA?

Students generally prefer pursuing a college degree post their 10+2 to fill in the eligibility requirements for a professional degree. There are some professional degrees like ACCA and CA that allow you to pursue these courses right after your 12th grade. ACCA also allows you to pursue it after the 10th class as well. However, when these accounting courses are pursued along with your graduation degree or post your graduation degree like, B.com with ACCA and M.com with ACCA, you not only gain certain exemptions but also extensive knowledge in your chosen field.

ACCA Exemptions for B.Com Students

If you are confused about which degree you should go for with ACCA then keep on reading this article which will help you out in deciding.

ACCA Course Details and their Exemptions

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is a worldwide reputed institution. It is a professional qualification that provides its members with opportunities worldwide. The ACCA, headquartered in London, works through a network of over 100 offices across the Globe. With more than 7,100 Approved Employers Worldwide, ACCA has established its presence in over 180 countries making this a Global Qualification; widely accepted in various MNCs across the Globe.

ACCA after Graduation in India

ACCA Course Details after B.com and M.com

The most popular combination degree that most students often choose is B.com with ACCA. Pursuing the BCom course with ACCA takes around 3 years to complete and there are certain exemptions that a student can gain after completing their BCom.

B.Com with ACCA

Doing ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) alongside a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree can offer several benefits. Here are some advantages of combining ACCA with B.Com:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: B.Com provides a broad understanding of various subjects related to commerce, such as accounting, finance, economics, business law, taxation, and management. Combining this foundational knowledge with the ACCA qualification enhances your understanding of these subjects and provides a holistic perspective on accounting and finance.
  • Exemptions: ACCA offers exemptions for certain papers if you have completed relevant qualifications. Depending on the syllabus and subjects covered in your B.Com degree, you may be eligible for exemptions from some ACCA papers.
  • Increased Employability: Holding both a B.Com degree and the ACCA qualification can significantly enhance your employability in the accounting and finance sector.
  • International Recognition: ACCA is a globally recognized qualification with members and affiliates in over 180 countries. Combining it with a B.Com degree can further enhance your international recognition and mobility. This can open doors to job opportunities both within your home country and abroad.
  • Continuous Learning: The field of accounting and finance is constantly evolving. By combining B.Com with ACCA, you expose yourself to a wide range of subjects and keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

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Now if we talk about ACCA with M.com, this is not the most ideal option. Since here you will be putting in a lot of time as you would first need to complete your 10+2. Then your 3-year B.com and spend another 2 years to complete your M.com and then start with your ACCA degree. No doubt M.com will provide you with a lot of value in terms of knowledge gained however, one also should consider the time they are putting in.

Students who have already qualified B.com/ M.Com, get 4 exemptions.

For students who have already qualified B.com / M.com, they have the exemptions of ACCA knowledge level i.e. F1 to F3, and ACCA Skill level i.e.F4 subject.

  • F1 – Business and Technology (BT)
  • F2 – Management Accounting (MA)
  • F3 – Financial Accounting (FA)
  • F4 – Corporate and Business Law (LW)

ACCA Course with BBA

ACCA with BBA is also a very popular choice as it equips you with accounting and even business administration knowledge. One can also get one paper exemption if they are pursuing ACCA after their BBA.

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While any complementing graduation degree with accounting concepts will help give you a good foundation for ACCA, B.com, and BBA stand to be the best choice. However, which one to go for ultimately depends on your interest if you are more inclined toward a business you could choose BBA but if you are more interested in accounting and commerce then you can go for B.com.

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