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What is ACCA?

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a professional accounting body based in the United Kingdom. The ACCA Course trains the candidate in each and every aspect of Accounting including Financial Accounting, Taxation, Audit and Management Accounting. It has 233,000+ members and 536,000+ students across 180+ countries. With the expanding economies and business structure, financial experts like ACCA and Diploma in IFRS demand is ever increasing. Many Corporate companies are looking for ACCA professionals to manage their Finance, Accounts and Analysis Functions. The job Opportunity for an ACCA is plenty with attractive salary packages.

Benefits of Doing ACCA

1. Global Exposure
It is recognised in over 180+ countries, it is one of the world’s
fastest-growing bodies of accounts that have been instrumental
in building today’s business world. Becoming a prestigious
organisation member is no easy task. But the international
exposure you get can shoot your career to great heights.

2. Certification offers many possibilities
The scope of your career is tremendous. It
gives you a range of versatile and flexible choices to
consider. One can render their services across a variety of
accountancy-related fields

3. Well-structured Program
It is one of the best programs that provide extensively
knowledge of accounting and finance concepts. It also covers all
important topics needed to excel in any chosen field of accountancy,
such as managerial, strategic and analytical modules.

4. Partnerships with Employers
The ACCA members are valued by employers and business
partners all over the world. Members are
well known for their professionalism and skills.
Therefore, ACCA members are in high demand.

5. Flexibility
The Qualification is flexible. Its entry requirements and study
options are very flexible. If you don’t want to give in any attempt, you
can simply skip it. It gives you the flexibility to complete your
Qualification in 10 years from the registration Date.

The first thing after reading this in your mind is the Eligibility and Roles you get after ACCA.

So firstly, we are going to talk about the Eligibility for ACCA:-
If you are a student who has completed Class 12th from the Commerce stream and passed English and Mathematics, with 65% marks in at least two subjects and over 50% marks in others, you can start your Journey along with your graduation.
What if the student does not belong to a commerce background and did not score the required marks for ACCA?
Don’t worry there is another route to Register in ACCA for the students which is known as  FIA (Foundation in Accounting)

There are Seven Papers in FIA/Foundation Level Route:-

  • FA1 (Recording Financial Transactions)
  • MA1 (Management Information)
  • FA2 (Maintaining Financial Records)
  • MA2 (Managing Cost & Finance)
  • FAB (Accountant in Business)
  • FMA (Management Accounting)
  • FFA (Financial Accounting)

The first Four Papers are Optional (can be skipped) and the remaining three are Mandatory But the last three papers of FIA/Foundation level are the same and overlap the first 3 papers of ACCA

Once you pass the last 3 papers of FIA you can directly start with the 4th Paper of ACCA. 

There are many Exemptions as per student qualifications whether They are B.com, M.com, MBA or pursuing a Chartered Accountancy course or if you are a Chartered Accountant.

I hope all your doubts are clear regarding Eligibility. Now we are going to talk about the Roles you get after ACCA.

Roles you Get After ACCA

Job opportunities have increased Worldwide. The Indian economy is on the path of growth and globalization. Due to this, even MNCs and larger international companies are turning towards India to seek professional accountants and ace finance experts

With the growth of more and more MNCs, Corporates and Big 4 companies, there has been a growth in jobs for ACCA professionals around the Globe.
Students are becoming aware of it and its benefits, and the demand for the certification exam has increased in the industry.

We can predict that India could easily become one of the biggest global
markets for ACCA.

Some Job Roles that ACCA Offers are:

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Statutory Auditor
  • Finance Manager
  • Internal Auditor
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Financial Accountant
  • Fund Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Tax Specialist and More ….

An ACCA qualification is an investment in your future. It is a globally
recognized standard in accountancy that offers rewarding salary
packages and exciting career opportunities. Not just in India, but
around the world.

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