Reason Why the US CPA exam considered Difficult ?

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Why US CPA exam is difficult to pass

Why US CPA exam considered Difficult:- CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant, it is a designation given to those professionals who are qualified accountants. It is a prestigious qualification and is recognised around the world.

Few reasons why the US CPA exam is considered difficult:

  1. The exam is comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics in accounting and auditing.
  2. The exam format could be challenging for a few, with a mix of multiple-choice questions, simulations, and written responses.
  3. Additionally, the US CPA exam is highly time-constrained, requiring candidates to have excellent time management skills.
  4. The exam is continually updated to reflect the changing nature of Accounting and Auditing practices, which means that candidates must stay current with new developments in the field.
  5. Furthermore, the US CPA Exam is a computer-based test, and the format of the question is different from traditional paper-based exams.
  6. The US CPA license is highly respected and sought after, making the competition to pass the exam even more intense.
  7. The exam is offered twice a year, which means the passing rate is not as high as expected.

Overall, the US CPA exam is considered difficult because it requires a high level of knowledge, skill and dedication to pass.

Since it’s a professional qualification the exam is rigorous, however, the US CPA exam also offers flexibility which makes it easier for students to prepare and pass. Students can give one paper at a time, so one can take 3 months for preparation and then give one paper and again do similar with the next 3 papers. This flexibility makes it easier for the students to prepare well for the exam and hence their chances of clearing increase.

Apart from this if you are taking coaching with Fintram Global who have the best faculty for US CPA, the exam will then not seem so difficult. As with Fintram everything in the syllabus is covered, Becker is their official partner and the faculty is always there to support the students.

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