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ACCA Knowledge Level– Business and Technology (BT) Full Course – Disha Chauhan



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What will you get?

  • Detailed Video Lectures on all the ACCA BT Syllabus Areas with Unlimited views
  • Periodic Live Sessions for Group Discussions and Doubt Solving
  • Comprehensive Study Material to Download and Print
  • ACCA BT Revision Boot Camp Covering:-
    • Revision of Key Examinable Concepts
    • Video Question Marathon – Exam Kit Question Pool Videos including various Past Exam Questions solved by Faculty with all the tips and tricks
    • Computer-Based Exam Training and Related Guidelines
  • 24/7 Tutor Support via Email/Telegram
  • ACCA BT Mock Exam along with Individual Performance Review
  • FinTram’s Exam Pass Assurance (Available with 6 Months Plan)

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Faculty Disha Chauhan
No Of Lecture 25 Lectures of Approx. 1 hrs each. It May vary based on the chapter
Validity Period 3 and 6 Months or You passing the exam, whichever is earlier
Total Views Unlimited
Mode Google Drive
Runs On Windows Desktop & Windows Laptop or Android Mobile except for Motorola Device
System Requirement Windows: Window-8, Window-8.1, Window-10 and Window-11
Processor: Dual Core & Above
Ram: 3GB & Above
Check Display and Audio Drivers are Updated
*Not Compatible with Window-7 and N-Editions of Windows-OS
Androids: 7.0 – Android Versions & Above
Minimum RAM 3GB
Internal Storage 32 GB
*Not Compatible with Motorola Devices
Lecture Language You can choose from:- 1)English Only 2)Mixed(Hindi + English). You can choose as you need
ACCA BT Study Material  PDF Study Material to Download, Save or Print
ACCA BT Study Material Language English
Applicable Course ACCA Knowledge Level
Dispatched By Fintram Global Delhi
Dispatch Time Within 48 hours
Delivery Time Within 48 hours

ACCA BT (Business & Technology):

ACCA BT (Business and Technology, was AB/F1) or Foundation in Accountancy (FBT) is one of the papers in ACCA Applied Knowledge Subjects.

Business and Technolog will teach you how businesses operate effectively, efficiently and ethically and will show the critical role finance professionals play in achieving this. You’ll understand business in the context of its environment, including economic, legal and regulatory influences on aspects like governance, employment, health and safety, data protection and security.

The syllabus states its aim is to introduce knowledge and understanding of:

  • The business organization, its stakeholders and the external environment
  • Business organizational structure, functions and governance
  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Accounting and reporting systems, corporate governance, control, security and audit
  • Leading and managing individuals and teams
  • Personal effectiveness and communication in business

ACCA BT Exam is not very difficult if you follow the right approach. Here are some tips to clear your ACCA BT Exam:

  • Start early- Don’t start preparation at the last moment
  • Make sure you are covering the entire syllabus
  • Practice a lot of questions
  • Allocate slots for revision: As you plan for the exams, make sure you fix up a separate time slot for revision. Take small notes as you prepare and save them for your days of revision. Do not start with a fresh or new topic during your period of revision.
  • Give mock exams
  • Check what needs to be improved after mock and focus on that

These are the syllabus areas for the ACCA BT Exam:

  1. The business organization and organizational structure
  2. The external environment and Ethics
  3. Governance and social responsibility
  4. Accounting & reporting systems and internal financial control
  5. Leading and managing individuals and teams
  6. Personal effectiveness and communication

The syllabus is assessed by a two-hour computer-based examination. Questions will assess all parts of the syllabus and will test knowledge and some comprehension or application of this knowledge. The examination will consist of two sections. Section A will contain 30 two-mark objective questions and 16 one-mark objective questions. Section B will contain 6 four mark multi-task questions each of which will examine one of the six main sections of the syllabus.

ACCA BT Exam is an on-demand exam which means students can choose the date on which they want to appear for this exam, it’s available 365 days a year.


There are several benefits to giving ACCA BT ( Business Technology) mock exam as part of your exam preparation. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Practice under exam conditions
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Build confidence
  • Develop exam technique
  • Receive feedback

Disha Chauhan

(ACCA Member & B Com (Hons))

A Passionate Professional with Teaching intellect. Disha is a member of the esteemed ACCA. She has outstanding experience working with various Big Four. Her passion for growth drove her to quickly get under her belt membership of the reputed ACCA in addition to B.Com Hons.

She has versatile experience working with organizations like Ernst and Young, KPMG etc. Her strong belief in values, integrity & determination drove her eagerly to attain every goal she set for herself. She is a committed person who believes in leading by example she is passionate about teaching. Her theoretical grasp and her substantial practical knowledge gained by on-the-job experience and fine communication skills make her an ideal instructor for all.


FinTram Benefits?

FinTram Global offers Best Quality ACCA Education in the most Affordable and Flexible Format. Our students can choose for how many months they need to prepare for Exam and can pay for that specific time period only. Our lectures are available 24/7 making it extremely flexible for students to study anywhere and anytime. There is no restrictions in FinTram for student to view our sessions and relevant student can see them for any number of times in the chosen period for which sessions are bought.

Oh yes! That’s exceptional to FinTram. There are no restrictions in FinTram for students to view our sessions. They can view our sessions as many times they want in the specific chosen time period for which sessions are bought. However our Lectures are non-transferable and is only for the student who have bought the same hence once student clear the exam the access will be removed even if sometime is left for expiry.

FinTram believes in the quality & content we provide to the students and hence also willing to provide an assurance to the students to their success provided they complete their course as required and work hard for their success. However, in an unlikely event that one of our students fails his/her exam after completing the full 6 months course, we will provide another 3 months full course of the same subject absolutely free subject to following conditions –
1.Student takes the 6 months course
2.Student must have completed the review of all the videos and study content
3.Student must have given the Exam of that subject and failed.
4. Free 3 months full course will be given for the very next attempt for the same subject and cannot be postponed to later attempts.

Tutor Support?

Absolutely! Fintram Global is Recognised as an Approved Learning Provider and possesses high level of expertise of all our Subject Matter Expert Tutors. All of our tutors are well qualified and have industry professional experience in the course which they are teaching . Each tutor goes through a rigorous selection process, where they are assessed to ensure that they meet our high expectations. Our tutors are passionate educators who are keen to teach you everything you need to know to pass your exams.

Yes! While our sessions are very self explanatory and are very student friendly, we fully appreciate the doubts or queries our students may have and that’s why we are providing 24/7 support to our students for any queries they may have. We will be providing the email ID of the relevant Faculty at the time of purchase of sessions and respective tutor can be reached out by the students on email. Tutor will review the query and will respond back on the same within 72 working hours.

FinTram Study Material and Sessions?

Yes! FinTram Global is Approved Learning provider and is recognized across the globe for the quality of content and lectures we provide. Our comprehensive Lectures and Study Material are prepared by experts and to help you best perform in your Exam. While we do not stop you refering to any other books however our comprehensive study material provides everything you need for your Exams.

Yes, Unlike the traditional printed learning materials which may become outdated, Fintram is completely online. We continously update and improve our sessions and learning material to ensure we deliver best learning experience to all our students

Lectures play in our software and app. The same will be shared with you with the instructions to play the same once you have bought the lectures.

Yes! Our 3 or 6 months plan comes with Study Material in PDF format which can be printed and saved.

We would love to hear from you! We at FinTram strive to update and upgrade ourselves so as to keep evolving. As a FinTramer it is your right as well as duty to recommend anything that you see which can add value to students at large. You just have to drop an email at

The Course start from the date you activate or install it on your system/mobile and will be valid for the time frame for which it is bought. It will get expire after the same. For Eg. If student purchases the course for 6 months and activate the course on 1st of January, course will be valid for six months (183 days) and will expire on 2nd of July.

No, Extension of the existing sessions is not allowed. Another plan for a specified month/s needs to be purchased.

Mock Exam for respective subject for which you have taken the Course will be provided along with the Sessions and Study Material. Once you have completed all the sessions and have practiced the question pool, we strongly urge all the students to appear for the Mock Exam under the recommended timed conditions. You would need to send the answer sheet of the Mock Exam to your Faculty (ID wil be provided along with the Course) and Your faculty will review you Answer sheet and provide his comments/recommendations within 5 working days.

System Requirement and issues?

<li>Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz and above</li>
<li>Celeron Dual Core 1.5 GHZ and above</li>
<li>Intel Atom Quad Core 1.5 GHZ and above. RAM: 1.5 GB free memory</li>
<strong>Operating System:</strong>
<li>Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 or above,</li>
<li>Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10. (NOT Compatible With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Basic, Windows 7 N Edition, Windows 7 KN Edition. (Connection to external Devices is not allowed to play the lectures (example. HDD, External Screen, TV etc.)</li>

You would need Android Version 6.0 and above Minimum RAM 3GB, Internal Storage 32GB. Please note that Motorola Device is not compatible with the software

Yes! You can play on both. However one device needs to be logged off to start seeing in the other device.

Yes! You can install windows dual boot operating system through Bootcamp application. You would need to choose windows to install and view our sessions.

No. Unfortunately this is not possible currently. We are working to make this possible soon

Any change in Laptop/Mobile would need to be informed to FinTram. Once Approved by FinTram, A new Activation Key for left out period needs to be purchased for reactivation in new Laptop/Mobile.

Generally if you follow the instructions given to download and play the sessions, there are no issues observed. However If you still have any issue in download or playing lectures we are there to provide you with 24/7 support. Just raise the issue at and our technical helpdesk will reach out to you for resolution within 72 working hours.

Good Internet Connectivity (minimum 4 mbps) is required for activation and downloading the sessions. Once that is done and you have logged in; no internet will be needed until you want to logout from software.

Payment, Delivery or Any Other Issue

Sure, We have many international students across the globe. We accept USD as the alternate mode of payment from all our international students. Just change the currency and pay it in USD.

Yes, All major credit and debit card are accepted. Fintram uses secure online payment platform so you can feel confident that your payment is 100% secure and safe.

Yes, Only for Indian Students we accept net banking, UPI and major wallet payments. For International students, credit and debit card is the only mode of payment.

Once you have made the payment, Course will get dispatch to you on your registered email ID within 48 hours.

We always assure best of our Services and we hope it doesn’t come to that but if you do have a complaint, you can e-mail at In case the issue is not resolved or the solution provided is not satisfactory and Student wants to lodge a formal complaint, they should e-mail at The relevant team will follow-up on the complaint within 5 working days and resolve it as soon as possible, once all the facts become available. You can find out further details in our complaints policy. (#)

All the fees need to be paid in advance and is non-refundable under any circumstances. All our courses are for an ACCA Student for a specific subject and for a selected time frame taken by Student. Transferability of fees to a different subject/course or to a different student or extension of the time frame of sessions is not permitted.

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