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Career Option After US CMA

CMA stands for certified management accountant, which is a professional certification in the field of financial and management accounting is growing tremendously and career options after US CMA are increasing as well. US CMA is recognised globally providing professionals with opportunities and various benefits worldwide.

The CMA certification equips candidates with in-depth knowledge about, cost management, financial planning and internal controls, but also prepares them to use that information to support strategic judgements regarding corporate finance, risk management, and investments. This makes CMAs particularly proficient at supervising teams and managing projects.

As a US CMA, you can work in various different job profiles for organisations. Some of the most popular job profiles available to US CMA’s are as follows.

1. Cost Accountant

If you work as a cost accountant you will be asked to look after the company’s expenses and purchases. You would be required to keep a track of the accounting data.

2. Financial Controller

As a financial controller you will be expected to have extensive knowledge in the finance field . You will have the responsibility of looking after the accounting books, developing financial strategies and other administrative work.

3. Investment Manager

You will be required to look after the investments of your company, calculate the returns and suggest companies new strategies.

4. Management Accountant

As a management accountant you will be focusing on internal processes of the company. You will be required to prepare and present financial reports about the company’s performance.

5. Internal Auditor

As a US CMA, you could work in the internal audit department of a company. Wherein you will evaluate whether the internal controls are adequate, compliance requirements etc.

6. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As a CFO, you will undertake the responsibility of looking at the overall strategic planning, running and managing the finance activities of your organisation. You be involved in budgeting, planning, and forecasting activities as well.

There are many career options after US CMA are available other than the ones mentioned above like risk manager, financial analyst, senior accountant, fund manager, treasurer, cost manager etc.

So as you can see the opportunities after US CMA are plenty, there are many career options to choose from and the cope of US CMA is huge in India as well as globally.

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