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benefits of doing CMA

CMA stands for certified management accountant, which is a professional certification in the field of financial and management accounting. Let us discuss the benefits of doing US CMA

1. Better Career opportunities

US CMA qualification can help you discover better career opportunities than just your graduation degree. As a US CMA, you can get hired in various crucial management roles in big MNCs and Big 4s. In this profession, you can also explore various job profiles.

2. Global working opportunities

One of the very important benefits of doing US CMA is that you can work abroad if you wish to. You can get various job opportunities not only in India but in other countries like the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and different parts of Europe. It is always beneficial to pursue a course which is valued around the world, and as an Individual, you can develop your career overseas as well.

3. Can be completed quickly

This is a fairly short course, which consists of two parts and each part consist of six modules. In total students can complete this course as early as 6 to 9 months. Hence, students do not have to dedicate years to this course and can become qualified management accountants in less than a year.

4. High value

Another benefit of doing US CMA certification is a highly well-known management accountant certification across the globe. As a CMA professional you can hold more value and authority in any firm or company. This designation is highly respected and recognised around the world. Professionals working as a CMA enjoy job security and satisfaction.

5. Expect good salary packages

As a US CMA professional, you can demand higher salaries than just graduates on the other hand freshers can expect salaries starting from 5 to 7 lakhs per annum. As you can more experience you can demand higher salary whether you are working in India or Globally. You can take your career to the next level by pursuing US CMA, you can study with Fintram Global who offers great teaching faculty and approved study material from Becker. This is a highly esteemed certification that can open a door to a world of opportunities.

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