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ACCA Benefits

Global Exposure

You don’t need to worry about the scope and benefits of ACCA. It is recognised in over 180 countries, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing bodies of accountants who have been instrumental in building today’s business world.  Becoming a prestigious organisation’s membership is no easy task. But the international exposure you get can shoot your career to great heights. Along with global exposure, you can also benefit from the international opportunities that come your way. Thanks to the strong group of members, you might qualify for ACCA job roles in the UK or Singapore.

Certification offers many possibilities

The scope of your career is tremendous. The ACCA qualification offers you a range of versatile and flexible choices to consider. One can render their services across a variety of accountancy-related fields. Whether it is taxation, fund management, advisory, financial accounting, or audit….just to name a few options. 
What’s more, you can choose to work in a number of industries within a wide range of business sectors. Alternatively, you can freelance as an accountant, work for one of the big 4 firms or become a financial advisor or consultant. You could also join a company as part of the management team or
start your own consulting business. There are many prospects to explore if you are pursuing ACCA.

Well-structured Program 

ACCA is a comprehensive program that provides extensive knowledge of accounting and finance concepts. It also covers other crucial topics needed to excel in any chosen field of accountancy,
such as managerial, strategic and analytical modules. 

As a finance professional, you will be expected to have the latest rules, laws and amendments at your fingertips. But is that even possible when you do a standard accountancy course? Of course, not. ACCA course keeps you updated with the latest news on tax laws, new rules and regulations needed to perform all accounting jobs. 
Since the course is structured to suit students’ career aspirations, it covers various topics that help you achieve a rewarding position in an organisation or become an entrepreneur. 
Is having a certification in finance or accounting enough? Certainly not. That’s precisely why the ACCA course also has a mandatory ethics, and professionalism module for all students. As a Chartered Certified Accountant, you can get placed in the top business and industry sectors working in various domains. 

Partnerships with Employers

The ACCA has partnerships with employers all over the world. There are over 8,500 employers approved by the ACCA that offer opportunities to members and students. The ACCA works in collaboration with these approved employers to increase the career prospects of its members.
The ACCA members are respected by employers and business partners all over the world. The employers and business partners understand the professionalism and skills of ACCA members.
Therefore, ACCA members are in high demand. 


The ACCA Qualification is flexible. Its entry requirements and study options are very flexible. If you don’t want to sit in any attempt, you can simply skip it. The ACCA gives you the freedom to complete your
ACCA Qualification in 10 years from the date of registration.
At any level, candidates have the option to choose which exam to appear for and in which sitting, all these choices are available to the candidates.
You can study independently using self-study textbooks and other study material. Although you are recommended to take classes.
Fintram Global, the Gold-approved ACCA learning partner, helps students worldwide, from registration

In conclusion 

There are a lot more benefits of doing ACCA qualification. An ACCA qualification is an investment in your future. It is a globally recognised standard in accountancy that offers rewarding salary packages and exciting career opportunities. Not just in India, but
around the world. 
Your ACCA coaching gives you an edge in the job market. Employers are aware of the calibre and level of expertise you will bring to the table, so if you are interested, go for it and contact Fintram Global to
know more.

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