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ACCA Jobs in India – Salary, Scope and Employers

ACCA Jobs in India

What is ACCA?

ACCA is a global professional qualification recognised in almost 180 countries, it stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. By becoming an ACCA member you effectively become a global CA. As per the growth of this industry ACCA jobs in India are also increasing very rapidly.

This qualification has 3 levels and 13 exams in total. So there are there levels i.e. Knowledge, Skill and Professional. Candidates need to complete an entire level before moving to the next level, however, at each level, students can decide the sequence of papers.

What is the starting salary of ACCA in India?

The salaries of ACCA in India depend on which level you are and your relevant years of experience. So as an ACCA affiliate, one can get a salary of 4-6 lakhs per annum in India. Once you become a member this increases and you can get 7-10 lakhs per annum. Once you have become a senior the salary goes to around 18-25 lakhs per annum. Of course, all this depends on your relevant years of experience in the field as well.

So one can keep growing in their field and their salary hence also increases year on year.

ACCA Job Opportunities in India

ACCA opens a world of opportunities since it’s a well-reputed course which is so detailed. All the subjects that are taught during this course are useful as these concepts will be used in the practical world.

The scope of ACCA is vast not only in India but globally. Though the ACCA members don’t have the signing authority in India, they can do the audit work in the firms they are employed in. Big 4’s and almost every other MNC hires ACCA in India as well. Hence, the scope is wide even in India and also globally.

There are various companies and industries in which ACCA’s are hired in India. All the big 4’s and big MNCs hire them, companies like PWC, EY, KPMG, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, BDO, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, State Street and many more.

ACCA’s in India can get hired in all of the above-mentioned companies and many more at similar positions as an Indian CA.

Roles you get after ACCA

As ACCA there are different types of roles offered by these companies in India, some of the most popular ones are:

  • Financial accountant

Most of the big 4’s have a financial accounting department under their assurance and advisory wherein they prefer to hire ACCA’s as they are well versed with IFRS.

  • Auditor

Many big 4’s hires ACCA’s in their external audit department as they know students who have studied ACCA are well versed with the auditing standards.

  • Tax

Another popular domain is Tax, wherein ACCA’s work as Tax analysts or specialists in the Tax department of those companies.

  • Risk and Advisory

ACCAs are also hired in this department and this is there in almost every big 4 and various MNC’s as well.

  • Financial

Many global banks and firms hire ACCA in their finance department as they are aware ACCA’s have good knowledge of finance.


There are many more different roles and departments in which ACCA’s are hired. As an ACCA you can easily switch between jobs also if you like to switch from one big 4 to another that is quite common. The demand for ACCAs is multiplying globally, candidates can decide which area interests them and then they can pursue their career in that domain.

So in the end I would just conclude by saying ACCA is the right choice you don’t need to worry about the availability of ACCA jobs in India because it’s a professional qualification which is reputed in India as well as globally and that one can complete smoothly since the course is very flexible. There are various approved learning partners of ACCA like Fintram Global which is a gold-approved learning partner which helps students right from registration, to coaching and mentoring them. So one can get in touch with them to make their ACCA journey smooth and cost-effective.

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