Reasons to do an ACCA ?

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as you may know, is the ‘ Chartered Certified Accountants ‘Qualification offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). It is one of the most widely recognized professional qualifications in the finance and accounting domains. It is a highly valued and esteemed professional qualification.
So the top 7 reasons why you should do ACCA are:

International Standards

In this course, you learn about International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Auditing Standards (IAS) are recognized on a global level and give you more opportunities to apply for jobs across the world.

This puts you in a better position than those who are locally qualified with rules, laws and regulations
applicable only to a specific region.

Well-Structured Programme

It is a detailed program that provides wide-ranging knowledge of accounting and finance concepts. It also covers other vital topics needed to outshine in any chosen field of accountancy, such as tax, audit, advisory etc.
Since the course is structured to suit students’ career aspirations, it covers various topics that help you achieve a rewarding position in an organisation or become an entrepreneur. 
Is having finance or accounting certification enough? Certainly not. That’s precisely why the ACCA course also has a mandatory ethics, and professionalism module for all students. As an ACCA, you can get placed in the top business and industry sectors working in various domains. 


One of the major reasons to do an ACCA is Flexibility. Its requirements and study routes are very flexible. If you don’t want to give any attempt, you can simply avoid it. It gives you the freedom to complete your ACCA Qualification in 10 years from the date of registration.
At any level, candidates have the option to choose which exam to appear for and in which sitting, all these choices are available to the candidates.
You can study on your own using textbooks and other study material. Although you are recommended to take classes. Fintram Global which is the Gold-approved learning partner helps students around the world right from registration to coaching and mentoring.

It is an e-learning platform thus it provides you with the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime. They have qualified accountants as their faculty who guide students around the world. When doing any professional qualification it is always better to study from an institution since they can guide you better and Fintram is one such institution that is providing ACCA coaching at very affordable rates.

You Get a Professional Status

The ACCA members are valued by employers and business partners all over the world. The business partners and various employers understand the professionalism and skills of ACCA members. Therefore, ACCA members are in high demand.

Employer Partnerships

The ACCA has thousands of approved employers in their network who offer job opportunities to ACCA students/affiliates/members. It works closely with them and has a professional relationship with the employers in the network to expand job prospects for its members.

Continued Professional Development

ACCA members need to frequently develop their professional skills throughout their lives. This allows for keeping the skills and knowledge of ACCA members up to date. It allows ACCA members to work in an unpredictable and swiftly changing environment.

Cost Effectiveness

The Qualification is a very cost-effective way to gain knowledge, skills and professionalism. It’s a myth that is very costly or expensive especially if you are doing ACCA with the right institute then your cost can come down a lot.

Fintram Global which is the gold-approved learning partner with ACCA offers so many amazing deals like free registration and exemption fee waiver that this course becomes really cost-effective.

These were a few reasons why one should pursue ACCA however, there are many more reasons for a person to pursue this global qualification.

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