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Is ACCA a good career option in the field of finance?

DWQA QuestionsIs ACCA a good career option in the field of finance?
Nikita J. asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
Fintram-admin Staff answered 2 years ago

The ACCA course can help you expand your horizons career-wise. You can start your business, enter a Big 4s or MNCs. or opt for masters in accountancy. The following are some of the roles you can take up:
Management Accountant – ACCA courses help you master the skills of Management accounting/ Accounting 
Financial accountant – The job of a financial accountant is to record, summarize and interpret the Accounting/ transaction data related to different part of the  business. 
Corporate treasury – These professionals are employed by large financial organizations to manage the Fund/working capital for an organization. They also manage the investment portfolio and act as strong Forex risk managers for Finance
You can become a certified ACCA sitting from your home!  Visit our website to know more about ACCA course and financial accounting training courses.

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