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Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION for FinTram’s SBL Fast Track Course

FinTram Global is Approved Learning Partner for ACCA. We provide Online Classes for all the Levels of ACCA exams and Dip IFRS.
FinTram Global – Study Anytime…Anywhere… :):)

FinTram Global SBL Video Classes (Full Course)
FinTram Global Video ACCA Classes – Unique combination of Outstanding Technology and Subject Expertise delivered by Top Class Faculties across the Globe. Our Classes comes with most Interactive Video Technology along with Comprehensive Study Material (pdf format) where Concepts are explained in Easy and Simple Language which makes it very easy for the Student to Understand, Learn and Excel.
Our Classes includes various Basic/Practical real-life examples helping students to get the Industry perspective for more effective performance in Exam.

FinTram’s SBL Fast Track course is uniquely designed for anyone who wants to cover the entire course of SBL in less than 15 days. This acts as a strong tool for your last minute revision and also to plug any gaps in your concepts/understanding. For students who have prepared for SBL on their own, this fast track course helps them get the exam perspective and detailed orientation on various concepts to help them perform the best at the Exam. This Fast track Course also helps various working professionals who cannot devote long study hours and would need the quick summary of the overall concepts and understanding.

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Course Structure

Applied Knowledge Level (3 Papers) Applied Skills Level (6 Papers) Professional Level (4 Papers)
Accountant in Business (AB) Corporate and Business Law (LW) Essentials : 
– Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
Management Accounting (MA) Performance Management (PM) – Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
Financial Accounting (FA) Taxation (TX) Options (Pick any two) : 
– Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  Financial Reporting (FR) – Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  Audit & Assurance (AA) – Advanced Taxation (ATX)
  Financial Management (FM) – Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA)

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FAQ1 :- CA vs ACCA

Recognised Only in India Recognised in 180 countries
Flexibility No Flexibility, Need to give in predefined groups Complete Flexibility, can choose any paper within the level
No of papers Need to attempt all papers in the group Complete Flexibility- can choose a minimum of 1 paper in the level
Exam Fixed tenure of CPT(4 papers in a day!!!) Complete flexibility to choose first 4 exams as per own convenience
Frequency of Exams Twice a year Four times a year
Pass Rate 40% Individual, 50% Aggregate Overall Passrate – 20% Flat 50% in all , No Aggregation Overall Passrate – 60%
Training 2 ½ Years training compulsory before you can attempt final level No such requirement. Can do training at any time-Before, During, After completion( includes CA Articleship)

FAQ 2 :- MBA vs ACCA

Too many MBA’s graduating every year with lack of Employable Skill Set ACCA, on the other hand, has a hands-on approach where the students can deal with high level of practical content rather than just theoretical concept. This approach paves the way for students to master various interpersonal skills.
Focusing on irrelevant subjects like Marketing ,IT etc is a waste of time and effort on the part of students On the contrary, ACCA goes to the depths of accountancy and finance, in order to let you gain enough knowledge in the accounting field.
Starting level is from lower level in companies ACCA’s can attract more senior roles at managerial or director level which will attribute in accelerating their careers


FAQ 3 :- Employability in India/ Placement Services

We assist students to secure high end jobs in the big fours (E&Y, PwC, Delloite, KPMG) and MNC’s. ACCA program opens up doors for diverse career opportunities.

FAQ 4 :- Membership Agreements with other countries

ACCA has established mutual acknowledgment agreements with several key prestigious global accountancy bodies:

  • The Certified General Accountants Association of Canada
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • UAE– AAA (Accountants and Auditors Association)
  • CA Australia and New Zealand

These agreements render unsophisticated and inexpensive routes for ACCA members to become a member of their bodies and appreciate the services local organizations can offer.

FAQ 5 :- Exam Time table

The ACCA Exams are held 4 times in a year, generally in the first week of March, June,September and December.
Exact date sheet is available at

FAQ 6 :- What is PER?

As part of your journey to become a qualified ACCA member, you must demonstrate relevant skills and experience within a real work environment. This is what the PER (Practical Experience Requirement) is all about. What do you need to do?
To complete PER , you will need to:

  • achieve 36 months of supervised experience in a relevant accounting or finance role(s)
  • complete nine performance objectives (five Essentials and four Technical)
  • record your progress online in MyExperience
  • have your experience signed off by a practical experience supervisor.


FAQ 7 :- ACCA Salaries in India

The salary ranges from 4 lac to 14 lac depending upon the candidates skills and companies demand. Fresh Graduates earn around 4 lac(which is same for a CA) while the average salary is around 8 lac. There will be an increase in average salary in future as the demand for ACCA qualified candidates is on a steady rise.

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