ACCA Course Fees 2023: Registration and Coaching Fees

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ACCA Course Fees 2023: Registration and Coaching Fees

acca course fees 2023

The ACCA course, which is also known as the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, is a course to become a qualified accountant. Since it’s a global qualification recognized in over 180 countries you are essentially becoming an international accountant.

ACCA Registration Fees is a one-time fee that every student seeking to become an ACCA needs to pay. As in any course when you start you have to make an initial payment so here as well there is an initial one-time registration payment. This is around £30 that every student will have to pay when registering with ACCA. However, if you are pursuing ACCA with a Gold-approved learning partner like Fintram Global then you do not have to pay this £30 as they offer free registration.

Then a student also has to pay an Annual subscription fee to ACCA every year to keep their student status active. This fee changes every year but for 2023 it is £116. However, Fintram global offers 50% off on this fee for the first year.

If you are eligible for exemptions then you would also have to pay exemption fees. This would, however, vary depending on your current eligibility.

For example, if you are a graduate you will be eligible for 4 exemptions for which you would have to pay ACCA an exemption fee which could be approx. £400, but if you are doing ACCA with Fintram then you will have to pay only £60. Fintram offers many such benefits related to exemption fees to graduates, CA IPCC cleared students and to those who have cleared CA.

Now coming to the coaching fees this would depend from institute to institute. However, Fintram Global which is the gold-approved learning partner is one of the most affordable ACCA providers. 

They offer:

  • Video sessions with unlimited views
  • Comprehensive study material
  • Revision boot camp with Question Marathon
  • 24*7 Support
  • Exam Pass Assurance

So depending on which institute you choose your coaching fee will vary. 

The ACCA course covers all aspects of global Chartered Accountancy such as Accounting, Financial Reporting, Auditing, Tax and Financial Management. The ACCA syllabus has a total of 13 examinations that a student must appear for. The 13 exams are divided into 3 levels – Knowledge, Skill and Professional.

The Knowledge Level exams are on-demand exams that can be appeared at any time in the 365 days of the year. The Skill and Professional Level exams are conducted every March, June, September and December.

ACCA Knowledge Level

ACCA Skill Level

ACCA Professional Level 


Optional (2 of 4)

  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  • Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  • Advanced Taxation (ATX)
  • Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

One might think that the cost of doing ACCA will be a lot since there are so many exams for which you have to study and take coaching. But if you are with the right institute like Fintram Global then your coaching cost will be a lot less as they are one of the most affordable learning providers.

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